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Do you long to have a life of

Many women are feeling called to a much larger life …

more passion, purpose, authenticity, connection,

love, well-being, creativity, joy and fulfillment.

more meaning and impact?


is such a vital contribution to this world!

You are here for a reason.

Because who you are and what you do

NOW, you need to claim it.


"What is it you plan to

do with your one

wild and precious life?”

~ Mary Oliver


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be bold, daring, and do something

out of the ordinary!

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Every great dream begins

with a dreamer. Always

remember, you have within

you the strength, the patience,

and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

~ Harriet Tubman

Begin your Winning Adventure today!

“Rae helped me find joy and beauty in life.  She is stimulating, intelligent, open-minded, willing to listen as well as to contribute.  She encouraged me to find my purpose after retirement in being a therapy team with my dog! “

*  Mindy Comitor


Be the Creator of Your Own Future

I'm Rae Luskin, the founder of the Winning Adventure, offering creative tools for personal growth. I have helped entrepreneurs, artists, coaches, healers and
kind-hearted people just like you develop the courage and confidence to express their creative genius. 
I am committed to seeing you live the life of your dreams and have the success you desire.  I speak from my heart, and share my own personal journey of healing
to inspire and motivate others. 
My creative tool box will help you cultivate the power of your imagination, creative thinking and creative expression.

As an award winning artist, author, speaker, creative activist and mentor, my passion is helping people realize it is never too late to Dream Big, Live on Purpose and Be Unstoppable!



Make the world a better place by being the

best version of


Listen as I share my personal

healing journey!

to your heartfelt desires.

Dare to be yourself. 

Learn how to connect

Discover creative tools

for personal growth with my

If you knew you could not fail
what would you love to do?

Reconnect with the bold, powerful, and beautiful
woman you are. My  
~Hour Visioning Session
help you discover and define your dreams and desires, and begin to give them the attention they deserve.

Lean into your intuition, let go of other people’s expectations… say YES to what is in your heart and soul.


 If you have heard the whisper
that won’t go away.
Listen to it
Live your legacy NOW

You will get guidance,tools and strategies in a structured, supportive, creative environment.

Have the freedom to design

your dream life

Express your creative genius

in your unique style

Learn to elevate your mood and

reach for a better thought

Move from stuck to unstoppable

Generate new, fresh ideas and

take inspired actions

Experience being uplifted and inspired

Make your life a work of art

Stop living other peoples expectations!  Feel the joy of being authentically you.

Start a conversation that could change your life. It’s just that simple.

for a limited time!

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“Rae has the unique ability to help people discover their blessing, embrace their inner creativity and emerge as the innovative leader they are meant to be no matter the age, position, or experience.“

~ Laura Davis author

 Courage to Heal

 “Rae has so many wonderful creative ideas that really helped to facilitate the process. Her warmth and knowledge helped to make the process fun and extremely insightful. I learned things about myself that I really wasn’t aware of. She helped me go deep and to get out of my comfort zone.

I would highly recommend Rae Luskin!

~ Betsy Phillips

Your Life is Your Legacy

What do you want to be known and remembered for?

Who's lives will you touch?

Only you can sing this song.

Be who you dream of being.

YOU are the one the world has been waiting for!

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To make a huge impact on the world and truly contribute to a massive transformation on this planet you need a supportive community. 

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"My legacy and your legacy will be every person whose
life was touched by your BEING here.”

*  Oprah

I love to share inspiring stories,

quotes, updates,and surprising gifts.

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