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MEET rae luskin


Rae is a true leader in using creative expression to nurture self-worth, resilience, healing, and social change. Rae has successfully collaborated

with and mentored hundreds of artists, change agents, heart

centered entrepreneurs and wellness professionals to live

the life they always dreamed of, inspired by their values

and their desire to make a positive difference in the world. 

She helped them harness their passion and purpose,

unleash their authentic voice, vision and creativity to

become more confident and effective leaders at home

and in their communities.  She has been a creative

activist for over 40 years, finding ways to balance her

artistic side and her commitment to improve the lives of

women and children around the world. Sharing her personal

story of sexual abuse, she inspires and motivates others to turn their pain into purpose.

Rae believes when we share our stories of resilience, people know they are not alone and it creates a positive ripple of hope.


In 2016 she received Woman of Distinction Award (BIBO), and winner of the Beauty In Beauty Out Award.  She is the author of four books including Art From My Heart: a self-discovery journal, Stuck to Unstoppable Journal and The Creative Edge: 30 Days of Creativity Prompts  and the Benjamin Franklin award winning inspirational book, The Creative Activist: Make the World Better, One Person, One Action at a Time.  She has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree from Roosevelt University and a Master’s degree in Urban Planning.


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     y creative book collection is an inspiring toolbox for seekers of all kinds. 
Within these pages are practical, thought provoking, creative exercises and journal questions that will help you find your truth, and discover your passion

and purpose. These tools can help you break through inner barriers that hold

you back,  There are activities for parents and children that foster creativity,

self-esteem, and working together in their community.


Woman w Peacock border.jpg



   love to play with mixed media, colored pencils, water colors, acrylics,
and embellishments. I am fascinated by the female figure and its intimate relationship with nature. Nature is where I have found peace and connection
to Spirit. My process is fluid and usually begins with scribbles.
My bright palette inspires

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   ae loves to help women with fast-paced, emotionally and energy-draining jobs learn simple, yet highly effective techniques for preventing burnout.  Rae sets her audiences straight with her message of the importance of self-care with creativity at the heart of it all.


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Running on Empty:

How to Beat Burn-Out

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  • The telltale warning signs of burnout,
    and how to spot them early.

  • Simple yet highly effective, creative
    techniques for preventing burnout.

  • Proven practices to help you have
    more energy, vitality and zest for life.

  • Lifestyle choices you can implement
    NOW to get your life back on
    track and stop burnout.

   ae's presentations offer

transformative content,

insights and practical tools to

help you  easily tap into your

personal genius, passion and

creativity. Rae will hand you

a unique creative blueprint
that includes the keys to un-

locking creative transformation,

for your personal life, business,

and families, so you can easily overcome the barriers to inspiration, innovation and positive life changes. Discover the creative edge for breakthrough results so you can create a bold vision for success and live your legacy NOW



Rae's Conversation with Dr. Jesvir Mahil

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"Rae Luskin spoke at our 2016 Association of Natural Health Care Conference and inspired our audience,

of natural and

complementary practitioners, to consider creativity

as a tool to keep themselves and their clients healthy. Her presentation was refreshing and genuine and it resonated with our audience."

~ Camille A. Carlson Gehrlich, Publicity Director, Association of Natural Health




Rae Interviews

Cathy Lander Goldberg

  he Creative Activist is a testament to the triumph of the human spirit. It is our opportunity to use our creative voices to bring forth what is in our hearts, be a voice for the voiceless. It is our chance to practice positive change in the world.


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"What a great experience! Rae brought a refreshing approach to employee development programming and was able to find the perfect balance between meeting my needs and adding her creative touch. When working with Rae it’s easy to see that she genuinely cares about the message she is sending. She is professional, organized, has great visual tools with handouts and slides, and delivers her message with insight and compassion."

~ Lynn M. Urbán, PHR, SHRM-CP Midwestern University

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